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wasp nest removal

Wasps are common throughout the UK during the Spring and Summer months. They are social insects who commonly form their nests in cavity walls, roof voids, outbuildings and shrubbery.

flea removal

Although fleas are a common problem in UK homes were pets are present they can occur even if you do not have pets. Fleas can be carried by non-domestic animals such as rats, mice, rabbits, livestock and foxes. The effects of a flea bite include an intense itching sensation and sometimes allergic reactions.

Mouse Problem?

Mice can cause costly damage to property as well as contamination to foodstuffs and transference of disease. When they venture into your home or business they bring with them disease and parasites as they indiscriminately urinate wherever they go.

rat problem?

Rats are very persistent creatures and will cause extensive damage, spread disease and contaminate food if not dealt with swiftly. Rat problems often occur when rats are searching for food and shelter in buildings, mainly where food is stored such as kitchens and storerooms.

bed bugs treatment

Bed bugs feed on warm blood, mainly doing so at night making a sleeping human perfect supper. Bites from a bed bug cannot usually be felt until some hours after the event but can cause severe irritation.

cockroach infestation

Have you found a cockroach in your property or business? Seeing a cockroach can be a very distressing situation knowing exposure to these insects causes significant health risks. A pest in their own right domestically but much more of a concern commercially due to the spread of disease.

ant removal

As a rule here in the UK our climate is not suitable for many species of Ants as they prefer warmer climates and temperatures. Garden and Black Ants can be a nuisance if they are left to enter your property or business, although they aren’t thought to carry diseases. Ants are always on the hunt for food.

bird prevention

We can supply and fit humane netting or spiking systems to eliminate bird issues. Pest Arrest also offers a full cleaning service for guano (bird droppings) no matter how bad the problem.

domestic pest control newcastle upon tyne

Domestic customers

Pests in the home and garden can cause disease, damage and distress. Whatever problems you have we can remedy them through our system of integrated pest management. 

landloed pest control

Landlords and Letting Agents

For landlords and letting agents, a discreet cost-effective pest control service is essential.
We can usually offer a same day service when required to put your tenant’s mind at ease.
Full property treatments in-between tenant changeovers can also be provided.

commercial pest control gateshead

Commercial customers

Pest Arrest offers one-off visits or yearly contracts tailor-made to your business’s individual requirements. Among our clients are takeaways, nightclubs, offices, hotels and factories. 

about us

We are Newcastle pest exterminators and a local family run business, with pest control offices in Gateshead which cover Tyneside and Northumberland serving customers throughout the North East of England. Whatever your pest control needs we are available 24/7 to offer free advice and cost-effective solutions. At Pest Arrest we aim to deliver the very highest standards of care to each and every customer in a friendly and professional manner at a competitive price.

Pest Arrest has over 15 years of experience in the pest control industry with all staff trained to BPCA standards. We offer fast, professional and reliable service to domestic, commercial and industrial customers. We are happy to offer free advice over the telephone or would be happy to visit your home or premises with no call out charge.  So if your looking for professional pest control in Newcastle upon Tyne or Gateshead then give us a call