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Based in Newcastle upon Tyne, Pest Arrest is a premier pest control service provider, operating as a local, family-run business with established pest control offices in Gateshead. Our reach extends across Tyneside, Northumberland, and neighbouring regions, offering comprehensive pest control solutions to various clients throughout North East England.

Our commitment is to provide round-the-clock assistance, ensuring free advice and the implementation of efficient, cost-effective strategies to eradicate unwanted pests. Our approach is rooted in delivering exceptional service standards, characterised by professionalism, friendliness, and competitive pricing.

Boasting over 15 years of industry experience, Pest Arrest’s team is highly trained to the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) standards. We specialise in offering prompt and professional pest control services to a diverse clientele, including domestic, commercial, and industrial sectors. Our services include complimentary pest removal consultations via phone and no-charge on-site visits, reinforcing our dedication to customer satisfaction.

Our Main Services

Wasps are common throughout the UK during the Spring and Summer months. They are social insects that commonly form their nests in cavity walls, roof voids, outbuildings and shrubbery.

Although fleas are a common problem in UK homes where pets are present, they can occur even if you do not have pets. Fleas can be carried by non-domestic animals also.

Mice can cause costly damage to property as well as contamination of foodstuffs and transference of disease. When they venture into your home or business, they bring with them disease.

Rats are persistent creatures and will cause extensive damage, spread disease and contaminate food if not dealt with effectively and swiftly. Rat problems often occur when rats are searching for food.

We can supply and fit humane netting or spiking systems to eliminate bird issues. Pest Arrest also offers a full cleaning service for guano (bird droppings) no matter how bad the problem is. 

Ants are social creatures living in huge colonies consisting of workers, soldiers, drones and queens. The most common UK Ant is the Black Ant which usually nests in gardens or wall cavities.

Paul Lightfoot
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Pest Arrest came out to help us with a mouse problem. They got rid of the issue, and gave us some really invaluable advice to stop it happening again. They were courteous, arrived on time and took care of our house. Would highly recommend
Paul Brent
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We asked Dave to investigate a rat problem we had in our loft. He promptly turned up and gave us lots of advice, as well as placing poison pellets in the loft of our extension. A took a few days to eradicate the rats as they found the bait and the poison took its toll. Dave made a recommendation to use a drain specialist in Whickham to check our drains for any damage or access to the house. An opening was found using a camera and the entrance sealed up. Dave made 3 visits to us in total using more poison pellets, no more rat problems, and to date, all still ok. Very happy with result, lots of advice given, would recommend to anyone wanting a good honest service at a fair price. Thank you.
Gemma Dougal
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I called Dave after finding mice droppings, he came round later that night, identified the problem, possible entry points we needed to sort and put out poison in various locations. He came back weekly checking the bait and for signs of evidence. Within a couple of weeks the problem was resolved, Dave was really helpful, friendly and very reasonably priced, would highly recommend him
Michael Robinson
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A gain another first class job by Dave. I will never go anywhere else, been using this company for years. Brilliant service and incredibly knowledgeable. Thanks again.
Emma Maine
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This company is outstanding, professional, reliable as trustworthy . I spoke to Dave who came out the same day as promised. He explained everything thoroughly so we had a good understanding of what was required and what it would take to get rid of our pest issue. As good as his word we've had no problems since. I highly recommend this company. Thank you Dave!!
Domestic customers
Pests in the home and garden can cause disease, damage and distress. Whatever problems you have we can remedy them through our system of integrated pest management. 
For landlords and letting agents, a discreet cost-effective pest control service is essential. We can usually offer a same day service when required to put your tenant’s mind at ease.
Commercial customers
Pest Arrest offers one-off visits or yearly contracts tailor-made to your business’s individual requirements. Among our clients are takeaways, nightclubs, offices, hotels and factories. 

Choosing a professional pest control service like Pest Arrest offers numerous benefits. Our expert technicians provide the fastest and most effective solutions to pest issues. We understand that merely removing pests is not a comprehensive solution; identifying and addressing the root cause of infestations is crucial. Our expertise enables us to not only eliminate problems but also to diagnose and resolve underlying issues effectively.

Conducting thorough inspections and accurately identifying pest control problems are integral to our service. Our qualified exterminators are adept at assessing the severity of infestations and implementing tailored strategies to ensure complete eradication. Our team can offer alternative solutions if initial methods fall short, including pest-proofing and insect-control advice.

As leading experts in the field, we offer various pest control services in Newcastle, addressing various infestations with a focus on rapid emergency response. Our treatments are typically executed within 24 hours, minimising damage and disruption.

In addition to general pest control, we specialise in managing rodent and rat infestations. Recognising the increasing vulnerability of homes and businesses to these pests, we employ strategies to effectively eliminate them, thereby mitigating health risks and preventing structural and cosmetic damages.

We offer commercial and residential pest control solutions for those needing expert pest control advice or our exceptional 24-hour services. Contact Pest Arrest to address your pest control needs in Newcastle upon Tyne or Gateshead and experience why we are among the most trusted companies in the industry.

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