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how to remove birds from house?

Birds such as pigeons, gulls and starlings have become a significant pest in urban areas and can cause disease and damage to buildings with their fouling. The damage caused not just by the fouling but also by blocking guttering with nesting material and dislodging roof tiles has a financial and aesthetic impact. A plan to deter this activity before it becomes a problem is the best solution. However, if you already have a problem, we can help.

We can supply and fit humane netting or spiking systems to eliminate nesting sites and bird issues. Pest Arrest also offers a full cleaning service for guano (bird droppings), no matter how bad the problem is. The acidic guano can cause expensive damage to the fabric of buildings and poses a risk to human health.

signs of a problem with birds

There are many signs of a bird infestation to look out for. Your property or business premises could be the ideal habitat for pest birds to make their home. Seagulls and pigeons have learnt to scavenge for waste in the urban environment and nest on ledges and small spaces.

  • Pigeons and seagulls use flat roofs, chimney stacks and tall buildings for nesting.
  • Structures with flat roofs, balconies, chimney stacks, ledges, guttering and culverts are at most risk.
  • Seagulls take a particular liking to flat roofs such as schools and garages, gathering large numbers and can be very territorial.
  • Pigeons make the most of spaces in roofs and will shift loose or damaged tiles to gain entry.

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