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how to remove bedbugs

Bedbugs feed on warm blood, mainly doing so at night, making a sleeping human perfect supper. As their name suggests, they are found predominantly in the bedroom area around beds, headboards, mattresses etc. but can be found in most furniture. They are known to survive for up to 12 months without food (lying dormant in empty properties). Bites from bedbugs cannot usually be felt until some hours after the event but can cause severe irritation. Bed bug infestations are a notoriously difficult problem to eradicate, bed bug removal requires thorough treatment to kill bed bugs and gain control. Reasons for infestation can include unwittingly bringing back infested luggage after staying in infested premises such as hotels or can commonly be introduced when untreated second-hand furniture which is infested is introduced into the dwelling.

signs of a bedbug infestation

Discovering that you have bed bugs in your house is an upsetting experience. Your primary concern is ensuring that they are dealt with as quickly as possible. Bed bugs are found where people tend to rest and sleep, hence the name bed bug. The emotional stress and frustration of dealing with a parasite infestation can be difficult to deal with, on top of the risk from their bites, itching and scratching, plus the added potential of secondary infection. If you require a bed bug treatment, then call us today.

  • Dark/black stains – excreta on mattress and bedding from bed bugs.
  • Sweet scent – A sweet and sickly unpleasant odour.
  • Small dark spots – spots on bedding known as ‘faecal pellets’ look like small blood spots.
  • Live insects – It is possible to spot live bed bugs and their shed skins despite being small (adults are only 4-5mm long)

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