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how to remove ants from the garden?

Ants, known for their social structure, reside in large colonies comprising workers, soldiers, drones, and queens. The Black Ant is prevalent in the UK, typically nesting in gardens or wall cavities. These ants become problematic when they invade properties in search of food. During summer, swarms of female queens and male flying ants emerge, lasting about 3-4 days. This period involves mid-air mating, after which the male perishes, and the female establishes a new nest. While ants are not only unwelcome in homes, they also risk contaminating food intended for human consumption.

In the UK, the climate generally does not favour many ant species, which prefer warmer conditions. However, Garden and Black Ants can become a significant nuisance, especially if they infiltrate homes or business premises. Although they are not known to transmit diseases, their relentless search for food makes them a concern for households, particularly regarding the invasion of food storage areas. Our ant pest control service offers solutions for ant removal, extermination, and management of ant infestations. We provide tailored solutions for both residential and commercial clients, emphasizing the importance of commercial pest control and integrated pest management.

Our pest control technicians are experts in assessing and resolving ant infestations, providing prompt and professional resolutions, including advice on treatment plans and preventive measures.

signs of an ant infestation

  1. Soil Accumulations: Small piles of earth at the base of exterior walls or around soil holes often signal an ant colony’s presence, causing distress and nuisance due to a pest infestation.
  2. Live Ant Sightings: Large groups of ants near property entrances or walls indicate an infestation. Their presence in food preparation areas, such as kitchens or business facilities, necessitates immediate action. An ant infestation can be a significant pest problem affecting both homes and business premises.
  3. Ant Pathways: Ants create pheromone trails leading to food sources. Spotting these trails near your home or business premises is a clear indication of their activity.
  4. Ant Nests: While small dirt piles in gardens may suggest a nest, ants also favor quiet, dark places like wall cavities, which are harder to detect.


Understanding and identifying the signs of an ant infestation is crucial for timely and effective control measures. Hiring a professional pest control service is essential to address these challenges, ensuring a safe and ant-free environment for your home or business.

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